Faith & Unbelief #2

Faith is not the problem but unbelief is!

Pastor Vic brings the first part of a two part message about prayer and fasting; looking this week at the part that fasting plays in our spiritual walk.

A time of fellowship and ministry.

No message this week folks. During the week, whilst meditating on the message, Pastor Vic felt that the Lord was telling him that we were to have a time of ministering to each other. And we did! We had worship, fellowship and we ministered to each other in prayer. We had a blessed time and folk were encouraged, built up and comforted. Praise God!

Faith and Unbelief…..

In the message today Pastor Vic looks at faith and unbelief.

We see that faith is not an issue for born again believers; we have "the measure of faith" and it is "the faith of Christ".

Unbelief is the issue; it is unbelief that holds us back.

Listen to this powerful message to find out the truth about faith and unbelief........................

Greater works…….

Pastor Vic brings a message about the power of our words and how, by being obedient to Jesus and the Word of God, we can change the world! We have been given power and authority to do this! All we have to do is believe it!

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