Giving under the New Covenant. #4

This is now the 4th teaching in our 'Giving Under the New Covenant' series.

In this message, Pastor Vic explores the relationship between Paul and the Church at Corinth with regards to their giving; or rather lack of giving.

Pastor Vic uses this as a picture to explain a number of changes in thinking that he has had recently around the topic of giving under new covenant grace.

Forgiveness. #5

Pastor Vic brings the 'Forgiveness' weekend to a close with this fifth message.

Forgiveness. #4

Nunsy brings the fourth message, of the weekend, about 'Forgiveness'.

Forgiveness. #3

Pastor Vic brings the third message of our 'Forgiveness' conference.

Forgiveness. #2

Pastor Vic brings the second message of the weekend 'Forgiveness' conference.

Forgiveness. #1

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Pastor Vic & Nunsy Cameron have been teaching about 'Forgiveness'.

There will be 5 messages in total from the meetings and we pray that you will be blessed by each one as you come into a fresh understanding of the Finished Work of the Cross.

Giving under the New Covenant. #3

By looking at Paul's relationship with the Church at Philippi, Pastor Vic resumes this teaching series and shows us that 'partnership' is a New Covenant principle.


This week, Sally, Elly and Stuart were baptised.

Pastor Vic reminds us that water baptism is a public declaration of our faith in the finished work of the cross and is not a requirement of our salvation.
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