What is your ‘Gethsemane’?

Michelle Good, a Moray Bible School graduate, brings this week's message.

She encourages us to choose to follow God's plan for our life. God does not force us to do anything but we need to choose to follow His plan of action; walls will fall when you action His instruction!

We have to operate in the authority given to us through Jesus; if we do not plant, how can God reap the harvest?

This was our last meeting of this season at the Warehouse in Lossiemouth. We are moving to Lhanbryde Community Centre, as of next week - 4 November.

NB: The first 3.40s of this message was taken from our FB broadcast audio.

21st October: Baptism.

Last week's baptism: https://vimeo.com/297075733

Sunday 21st October 2018

No message this week folks as we had an outdoors baptism, in the local river, and then an extended time of worship back at the Warehouse.

Hoping to put up a video on our Vimeo page, of the baptism, later this week.

No Excuses!

Pastor Vic, through using the example of David, once again exhorts us to take responsibility for our walk with God.

Whenever we face problems or uncertainity we can find solutions in His Word. We can be ministered to by God through His Word and through Godly advice from a fellow believer.

However, it is our choice to act and use the Godly solution. But there are no excuses if we do not do this and we still struggle with our circumstances.

You reign in life through Christ!

If you are a born again believer then you are living your life in grace through faith.

Even though there are no demands under grace, there is an expectation that we will take responsibility, and be accountable, for our actions and our relationships.

How we deal with situations, good and bad, in our lives, is a powerful witness to those we come into contact with each and every day!

Nothing was impossible for Jesus; therefore, through Him, nothing is impossible for the born again believer!

The Responsibility of Grace.

Do you understand that, as a born again believer, you are no longer living under the Old Covenant Law?

You now live under New Covenant Grace and this means that you no longer just do, or give, what you have to!

Under the law there were certain things that we had to do and there were set amounts to give. Grace releases us from those requirements but it is not an easy option!

Pastor Vic declares that grace expects but does not demand.

Grace is about what man can do through Christ!

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