A Journey Through Colossians 06

Pastor Vic continues this week in his study of Colossians. And this week we have more of the same as last week! This time though we see that gaining knowledge and producing fruit is an iterative process, not a one off. This message will challenge but should also encourage you.

A Journey Through Colossians 05

This week Pastor Vic challenges everyone to take on the responsibility of walking worthy of the Lord, and teaches that this can only be done through knowledge and understanding of the Word of God.

A Journey Through Colossians 04

This week Pastor Vic looks at Paul and what he calls his Kingdom Mentality

You are approved by God.

Michelle Good brings this week's message and challenges the listener to realise that we have been approved by God.

Our identity is in Christ and every born again believer has many 'names' because of Jesus' finished work of the cross!


Hint! Take your time in listening to this message; pause and meditate!


Sunday 1 September 2019

No message this week as we had a spontaneous, extended time of worship.

Thanks for checking in.

Be blessed and be a blessing.

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