Sunday 26th of July - Unconditional Forgiveness

Before he can answer some more of the What About questions, Pastor Vic explains the hope he has in unconditional forgiveness.

The Bible, in Vic's opinion, clearly shows us that we are forgiven unconditionally and absolutely.

Build your own foundations in this truth before next week!

Sunday 19th of July - What About Paul’s Thorn in the Flesh?

Pastor Vic starts a new teaching series we are calling Apologetics of the Grace Message.

Today Vic answers the question, what about Paul's thorn in the flesh, defending the doctrine of grace and full healing.

Was the thorn a sickness as is so often taught?

No, see why Pastor Vic believes that the thorn in the flesh was persecution.

Sunday 12th of July - I am the True Vine

This is the last in the I AM mini-series.

Today Pastor Vic explains about viticulture and how this is a picture of Jesus and God cleansing us through the Word, to move towards zoe life and godliness.

Sunday 5th of July - I am the Resurrection and the Life

We are nearly done our series on the I am statements of Jesus.

This week Pastor Vic explains that Jesus is the resurrection, and not just that he would be resurrected.

He has the raising from the dead power inside of Him, and the good news is that so do we!

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