Sunday 30th May - Compassion 5

Pastor Vic carries on looking at Jesus, in this the fifth sermon in our compassion series.

Jesus tells the story of the Good Samaritan.

We can learn many things about compassion from this encounter; it tells us who are our neighbours and who 'deserve' our compassion.


Sunday 23rd May - Compassion 4

This week Pastor Vic shares a powerful message about the encounter between Jesus and the leper.

Yes, the man is healedand that is a wonderful truth, but this encounter has many lore layers of meaning.

It isa picture of the finished work of Jesus, it is a picture of compassion, it is a picture of the importance of human society and fellowship.


Sunday 16th May - Compassion 03

This week Pastor Vic continues talking about compassion.

We see that Jesus is a 'people person', and as we are commanded to love, we should also be a 'people person'.

Can we be taught how to be this?

Listen to find out!

Sunday 9th May - Compassion 02

In this, the second sermon in our current series, Pastor Vic looks at the compassion of God that we see in the Old Testament.

What do the Hebrew words for compassion and compassionate mean?

What pictures can they tell us about God?

Listen to find out more.

Sunday 2nd May - Compassion 01

Pastor Vic starts a new and important teaching series this week; we are going to work together through the Word looking at compassion.

What is compassion?

What does it mean to be compassionate?

Pastor Vic introduces the topic this week.

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