ABC to success! #6

This week, Pastor Vic encourages you to believe the truth that God has told you through His Word, rather than what comes against you in the physical world!

He exhorts you to not allow physical reality to distort God's Word.

This message also challenges you to speak out life into other peoples' lives as well as your own!


ABC to success! #5

In this message, Pastor Vic shares his, 'Declaration of Appropriation', to show us that the words we speak are not neutral.

When we speak, our speech is either negative or positive; and it not only impacts ourselves but those we come into contact with.

Pessimist or optimist? We need to speak ourselves into the promised land that God has already provided!

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ABC to success! #4

Pastor Vic continues this series by using the example of Caleb and Joshua to exhort us to believe what God says in His Word above what we experience in the world.

We need to think on what God says; we need to stop limiting God and limiting ourself with a negative thought life!

A negative thought life is just worry and we can choose to worry or to have a positive thought life!

The choice is ours!


Faithfulness is a choice!

Using the example of Joseph, Nunsy Cameron encourages us to be faithful to God's calling on our life.

Just like Joseph we need to be faithful, and patient, so that our relationship with God stays in line with His Word.

We need to make good choices in life and stay faithful.


Establish your heart in The Truth!

Using personal testimony, Nunsy Cameron exhorts us to draw on the finished work of Jesus to be able to deal with the trials of life.

God is not the author of these trials but He provides the power to help us overcome these trials.

Nunsy encourages us to use our thoughts to direct our life in the way that God would have us go.


Cecil Paxton - 04022018 AM #4B

The second part of Cecil's Sunday morning teaching.


Cecil Paxton - 04022018 AM #4A

The first part of Cecil's message on Sunday morning.


Cecil Paxton - 03022018 PM #3B

The second half of Cecil's teaching from Saturday night.


Cecil Paxton - 03022018 PM #3A

This is the first part from the Saturday evening session of teaching by Cecil.


Cecil Paxton - 03022018 AM #2

Part 2 of Cecil's Saturday morning teaching is based around a Q & A time.