Sunday 5th of July - I am the Resurrection and the Life

We are nearly done our series on the I am statements of Jesus.

This week Pastor Vic explains that Jesus is the resurrection, and not just that he would be resurrected.

He has the raising from the dead power inside of Him, and the good news is that so do we!

Sunday 28th June - I am the way, the truth and the life

In the message this week Pastor Vic examines the inclusiveness and exclusiveness of the Gospel.

We see why Jesus is the only road we can take to come to the Father.

Sunday 21st June - I am the Door and I am the Good Shepherd

Pastor Vic covers two I am statements of Jesus today, both from John 10 and very much linked together.

See how Jesus provides abundantly for our physical needs from our place of eternal security.

Sunday 14th of June - I am the Light of the World

Pastor Vic continues to study the I AM statements of Jesus.

This week he looks at what Jesus meant when He said, "I am the light of the world".

What does it mean to walk in darkness or light?

You may be surprised!

Listen to find out more.

Sunday 7th June - I am the Bread of Life

Pastor Vic goes back to his mini-series of Jesus' I Am statements.

Today we look at what Jesus means when He says, "I am the bread of life".

What spiritual truths can we learn from the physical facts about bread?

Listen to find out.

Sunday 31st May - Why Fast and Pray?

Let Pastor Vic explain what Jesus is talking about in Matthew 17 v 20 and 21.

He is not talking about prayer and fasting for rebuking demons, he is talking about prayer and fasting removing our experiential unbelief.

Listen to the message for more.

Sunday 24th May - Create Your Own World

In the message today Pastor Vic looks at a piece of typology from the life of Noah.

Noah was safe in the ark, and when he came out he had a chance to create a new life for himself.

This is a picture of the potential once we come to Christ.

You have the potential to create a new life, a life of health and abundance.

Sunday 10th May - I AM message 01

Pastor Vic will spend the next few weeks looking at some of the I AM statements of Jesus.

We start today with simply, "I am".

What does Jesus mean by this?

Listen to Pastor Vic explain the huge significance of this statement.

Sunday 3rd May - I Will message 04

Jesus said He would never leave us nor forsake us.

In the final message of this mini-series Pastor Vic explains what this truth means for us today.

Sunday 26th of April - I Will message 03

In this third message of the I WILL mini-series we hear from Pastor Vic about the bountiful provision provided for us by Jesus.

The abundant life He provides is superabundant in quantity and superior in quality.