Sunday 23rd January - What do You Have in Your Hands? 03

Pastor Vic continue with this new mini-series, this week looking at what it means to 'look up'.

Jesus looked up at the spiritual, as did David.

What can we learn from Elisha and Caleb this week?

Sunday 16th January - What do You Have in Your Hands? 02

This week pastor Vic discusses the account of David versus Goliath.

How did David, with such small things in the physical, defeat a giant like Goliath?

He used what was in his hands and He worked in partnership with God.

What can we learn from David, and what lessons can we implement in our lives?

Sunday 9th January - What do You Have in Your Hands? 01

At the start of 2022, Pastor Vic begins a new mini-series, looking at how Jesus fed the five thousand, and seeing what we can learn from it.

This will be challenging, and is meant to get you thinking about your future.

Listen for more!

Sunday 19th December - Christmas Series 05

In the final Christmas sermon, Pastor Vic talks about the visitors to Migdal Eder on the night of the Saviour's birth?

What type of shepherds were they?

Where did they work and what was their role?

What can we learn from them with regards to the role and mission of Jesus?

Listen to hear some amazing typology!

Sunday 12th December - Christmas Series 04

Where was Jesus born?

Does this location tell us anything about His mission?

This is one of the 'best kept secrets' in the church; that Jesus was not born in the stable by the inn.

Listen to the sermon to find out more.

Sunday 5th December - Christmas Series 03

We are now into week 3 of Pastor Vic's Christmas sermons.

Today we look at what Mary spoke out, and also what Zacharias did not!

We learn that what we say impacts directly on our lives, and that we (yes we) can, through our words, limit the Holy One of Israel.

Sunday 28th November - Christmas Series 02

In week 2 of his Christmas sermons, Pastor Vic answers the question, "Why Did He Have to Come?"

Jesus came from Heaven to earth, as a man, but why?

Do the Greek meanings for peace, good will and reconciliation, help us answer this question?


Sunday 21st November - Christmas Series 01

Pastor Vic starts his Christmas sermon series early this year.

He answers the questions, "Is He Coming?" and "Who is Coming?"

We are of course talking about Jesus, the Saviour and the Messaiah.

Sunday 14th November - Old and New Covenant Prayer

In the sermon this week Nunsy discusses the difference between Old and New Covenant prayer.

She uses different versions of the film Jumanji to explain this.

Yes, that is correct, Jumanji. Enjoy!

Sunday November 7th - You Are Special

Today Pastor Vic looks at Psalm 139, with the aim of giving us all some encouragment.

We were created, and our Creator is interested in us.

We are special, we are marvellous, but do we believe that truth?


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