Sunday 27th November - Christmas Sermons 01

Yes, it is that time again, time for our Christmas sermon series here at MGF.

Pastor Vic starts off in a very familar passage of Scripture, Matthew 1 verses 18 to 25.

Is there anything new to learn?

Maybe a deeper revelation or a timely reminder of truths well known?

Listen to find out!

Sunday 20th November - Exodus 17 part 2

Nunsy continues her teaching from Exodus 17.

We hear about the value of journaling, how we can picture the rod of God as our power and authority, and how we should be holding up each other's arms.

Listen and be blessed.

Sunday 13th November - Exodus 17 part 1

Nunsy teaches from Exodus 17 this week (and next).

What can we learn from the Israelites?

We see them mumping and moaning, when they should (from past experiences) have been living in expectation.


Sunday 6th November - How to Expand the Kingdom

This week we look at the scriptures from the 3 previous sermons, where we see Jesus meeting people and changing their lives, and thus expanding the Kingdom.

We see Him model ways in that we can imitate Him, and extend the Kingdom.

Sunday 30th October - Jesus and the Woman with the Issue of Blood

Jesus' encounter with the woman with the issue of blood, is another example of His expression of love.

Time and time again we see Jesus showing His love, and therefore the love of the Father.

Sunday 23rd October - Jesus and the Leper

We carry on our studies of the love of God this week, seeing an expression of His love through the encounter Jesus has with a leper.

Will He heal him?


Will He heal us?

No, He has already healed us, Amen!

Sunday 16th October - Jesus and the Woman at the Well

Pastor Vic continues our study into God's love.

This week we see that if we want to see God's type of love, we look into the Gospels and see how Jesus loved. He is after all the express image of the Father.

We can see a wonderful expression of His love in the encoutner Jesus has with the woman at the well.

We see His love is individual and it is sensitive.


Sunday 9th October - The Expression of His Love

This week Pastor Vic continues exploring the love of God.

Today he explains what he thinks of as the ultimate expression of God's love; the fact that Jesus came.

This wonderful truth, would, and has, changed the world forever!


Sunday 2nd October - His Personal and Intimate Love

This week Pastor Vic uses Psalm 139 to show how God's love is intimate and personal.

He loved David, and David knew it.

He loves you, and you need to know that.

Listen for more.

Sunday 25th September - God is Love

In the sermon today Pastor Vic picks up from the las couple of weeks, when Nunsy spoke of the love of God.

This week he takes a step back and tells us that God is Love.

1 John chapter 4 uses this phrase twice, but what does it mean and what does it mean for us as individuals?

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