Sunday 3rd July - 1 Thessalonians 13

This week Pastor Vic preaches with passion from 1 Thessalonians 2 v 14 and 15.

We see in Paul a man who knows his new identity in Christ and owns this identity, not owning what he did in the past.

Can you say the same?

Sunday 26th Jun - 1 Thessalonians 12

Pastor Vic covers 1 Thessalonians 2 v 13 today, looking at the power of the Word of God.

See what it can do in your life today by listening to this powerful message.

Sunday 19th June - 1 Thessalonians 11

Pastor Vic continues in our exciting journey through the first of Paul's epistles to the church at Thessalonica.

Today we hear more about Paul's ministry, and are encouraged to step up into the minstry that the Lord has called each one of us into.


Sunday 12th June - 1 Thessalonians 10

Pastor Vic continues our study of 1 Thessalonians, looking at a verse that talks of some of the responsibilities of a minister and those being ministered to.

While the minster should not be a burden to the saints, the saints are required to be mindful of what the minister is going through.

Listen to find out more.


Sunday 6th June - Washed in the Word

This Sunday we are very fortunate to have Brother Paul Loh with us from Singapore.

He reminds us of the value of God's Word, of the value of looking to Jesus and being washed in the Word.


Sunday 22nd May - The Gospel is Simple

Pastor Vic delivers a very short message today, which unusually was amplified, hoping that those in the community centre for another event heard the message!

The Gospel is simple, all about Jesus Christ.


Sunday 15th May - 1 Thessalonians 09

More from Pastor Vic this week from the second chapter of 1 Thessalonians.

This week we learn that we should operate using the 'love sandwich'.

First and last we need to love!

Sunday 8th May -1 Thessalonians 08

Pastor Vic is back from Australia, and today continues his study of 1 Thessalonians.

This week we look at the methods of Paul, and find out that God trusts him to do the work of the ministry.

We are also told that God trusts us, but do you beleive that?


Sunday 27th March - 1 Thessalonians 07

This week Pastor Vic summarises the first 6 sermons in this series, by using chapter 1 to answer the question, what are the traits of a NC church?


Sunday 20th March - 1 Thessalonians 06

This week Pastor Vic finishes his study of the first chapter of the first of Paul's letters to the church in Thessalonica.

Today we are told to serve and wait.

But who do we serve and what do we wait for?

Listen to find out.

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