The Power of the Word #2

Pastor Vic continues with the new series about how powerful the Word is.

But there are principles involved which we need to know and understand.

Listen and find out.

The Power of the Word #1

Pastor Vic starts a new series this week - The Power of the Word.

Listen and start to understand just how powerful the Word of God truly is!

The ‘P’ Word #9 - Sunday 12 February 2012

This week Pastor Vic continues the teaching about giving and receiving, with the emphasis in the area of money.

Learn about the 'spiritual law' governing this Biblical principle.

Sowing and reaping is what it is all and receiving......

And you will also learn stuff about barley and geometry!!

The ‘P’ Word #8 - 5 February 2012

This week Nunsy starts to teach about the importance of 'spiritual laws' with regard to financial giving.

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