Sharing the Gospel.

This week, Dave brings a message about sharing the Gospel - the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Dave encourages us to study the Word to understand how to approach this command by Jesus in Matthew 28 : 19 - 20.

Think BIG and take the limits off God!

Pastor Vic shares a personal revelation and encourages us to think BIG for ourselves, Moray Grace Fellowship and the Kingdom!

Hear how thinking BIG takes the limits off God to enable us to experience more of God's Kingdom here and Now!

Traditions of Man #2

This week, Pastor Vic looks at the 'tradition of man' that says that God is in total control; therefore, everything, including all the bad stuff, comes from Him!

If you have gone along with that doctrine in the past, be prepared to have your mind renewed by this powerful teaching!

Traditions of Man #1

This teaching comes with a religious health warning!

You are encouraged to listen to the whole message and not to take statements out of context.

With this message, Pastor Vic is starting a series about so called, 'sacred cows' and the 'traditions of man' will be challenged!

Today hear the truth about Paul's Thorn in the was persecution from people and not an illness!

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