Sunday 28 October 2012

John Kerr shares with us how we are called to deal with the 'storms of life', just like Paul in Acts 27.

Nothing this week.

No podcast this week folks - should be back next week.

Questions and Answers.

This week, Nunsy and Vic make themselves available to answer questions put by some of the people who have been following the teaching on 'Healing' which Nunsy had brought over the previous six weeks. You will also hear testimony from Marge and Carol. Powerful!

Dave has done his best to get the volume levels round about the same so please be aware that you may have to adjust your playback volume from time to time.

Questions on Healing Series

Have you been listening to our latest teaching series on healing?

Do you have a question you would like to ask?

Now is your chance....

This Sunday at MGF we are having a question and answer session about our latest teaching series.

Add your question here or email us and we will try and answer your question.

Healing! Here right now! #6

Nunsy brings an end to this series and reminds us that God has already provided everything for us through His son Jesus! It is fear and unbelief on our part that stops us experiencing all that the Lord has already provided!

I do not normally make personal remarks but I have to say that this series of messages has impacted me more than I can say! I exhort you to download this series and listen to it over and over again because I believe that in the future people will refer to this teaching as a major influence on their walk with the Lord!

If you would like to receive this teaching on CDs in audio format, or as mp3 on one CD, then please get in touch via:

We will send them to you free of charge  -  freely you have received; freely give.

Healing! Here right now! #5

Nunsy continues to lay down the foundations of healing, reminding us about the power of our words.

Hi folks.

Just to let you know that the weekly podcast should be posted this afternoon. Delay due to techy Dave being away for a few days.

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