The Start of the End of Religion!

Pastor Vic brings a message from Luke 2 and shows that Simeon was there at the start of the end of religion!

As we go into 2013 we pray that you will have a blessed year and that your relationship with God, through Jesus, will continue to grow.

A Children’s Presentation.

No audio message this week, folks; but check out the video of Pastor Vic's presentation to the children of MGF.

Who is this Jesus? #2

Pastor Vic continues teaching from Isaiah 9:6 and highlights the Hebrew meaning of the words in this verse.

Who is this Jesus?

Think Jesus is the reason for the season? Listen and find out who is the reason for the season.

Grace is never earned; it is the gift of God.

To serve God acceptably, we have to have the Grace of God. Jesus is the channel of that grace. John Kerr shares some personal experiences of the Grace of God.

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