Easter Sunday

At MGF today, we enjoyed an extended time of praise and worship; some folk shared thoughts about Easter and Pastor Vic gave a mini-message.

Please pray for Pastor Vic and his family as they are experiencing spiritual attack through illness. Apologies for the poor sound quality; this is because we have had to lift the audio from the video.

Heroes of the Old Testament #5 - Elisha

This week's hero is Elisha and once again we have the example of someone 'seeing' the spritual realm instead of the physical, wordly factual realm. We hear again, from Pastor Vic, just how important it is for born again believers to maintain their relationship with God by having their minds renewed through the Word.

Elisha knew that he had a covenant relationship with God which enabled him to overcome his enemy!

Heroes of the Old Testament #4 - Joshua

This week Pastor Vic shows us that Joshua is another example of somebody who listens to God and acts on His advice. In Joshua 1, Joshua is called to be strong and courageous; listen and find out just how this advice from God is relevant for you today!

Heroes of the OT #3 - David #2

Pastor Vic continues using David as an example of how we should be looking to, and believing, God for all the good things we can have in our life on earth. We need to live in the spritual rather than the physical.

Heroes of the Old Testament #2

This week Pastor Vic considers David and we hear that because David knew that he had a covenant with God he did not see the physical prescence of Goliath as a problem. And, just like David, we need to compare our problem with God rather than ourselves to our problem; ie: our 'Goliath'!

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