How to soften your heart. #1

Jesus told the disciples, and other people, that they had 'hard' hearts. Is this true today for the born again believer?

Pastor Vic returns with a new series and starts by showing us that, according to God's word, even a born again believer can have a 'hard' heart!

At approximately 23 minutes into this message Pastor Vic plays a recording, that he made the day before, to illustrate a point during the message.

It is finished!

One of our elders, Chris Atkinson, reminds us about all that we have, and are, through the finished work of Jesus on the cross.

You are a giant killer!

Guest speaker Andy Hall calls on born again believers to recognise that they are spiritual giant killers and that they are in a spiritual war. Using the example of David and Goliath, Andy exhorts us to overcome our fears and inadequacies by recognising all that we are and have through Jesus Christ!

Heroes of the OT #6 - Rahab.

Pastor Vic continues to show that we need to 'see' and trust spiritual truths rather than physical truths.

Rahab declares faith in what she has heard and believes despite not physically seeing the things that the Lord had done for His people.

Pastor Vic uses the example of Rahab to show us that we are saved through the finished work of Jesus on the cross.

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