The quality of your life is

dictated by the state of your heart.

Chris Atkinson brings this week’s message whilst Pastor Vic and family are at the ‘Grace and Faith’ weekend.

Chris reminds us, through the example of the attitude of the Israelites, that the quality of our life is dependent upon the state of our heart.

How to soften your heart. #4

This message, by Pastor Vic, comes with a health warning! This message will change your life forever! If you a born again believer you will be challenged to rethink many things that you have heard during your walk with God. If you are not a born again believer you will be encouraged to rethink many things you will have heard about God, Jesus and God's Word.

Pastor Vic encourages you to have your mind renewed by the Word, so please stick with this message even if you have to come back to it again and again! You will hear how you are loved, and forgiven, by God, through the finished work of Jesus on the cross!

How to soften your heart. #3

Pastor Vic continues with this series and shares from one of the Bible's most well known verses  -  John 3 v 16.

In this message we are reminded that God's love is for everyone; born again believer and unbeliever alike.

Everyone needs to accept God's love for them and know that, despite themselves, God loves all of mankind.

It is ourselves that prevents the experience and knowledge of God's endless love for us!

How to soften your heart. #2

Pastor Vic continues to explain about born again believers having a 'hard' heart. Over the next few weeks he will explain about what needs to be done to enable the 'softening' of a 'hard' heart.

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