Paul writes to the Church in Ephesus. #1

Pastor Vic starts a new series with this message. However, your heart will still be softened to the things of God as your mind continues to be renewed by the Word.

Pastor Vic shares with us about how the 'Letter to the Ephesians' is clearly in two parts; chapters 1 - 3 is all about the grace of God; chapters 4 - 6 is all about what should happen as our knowledge and understanding grows about God's grace; good works flow from knowledge and understanding of that grace.

Ephesians tells us who we are, and what we have, through the finished work of Jesus on the cross.

How to soften your heart. #10

Pastor Vic continues with this series and challenges us again about being, 'in the Word'.

He reveals, from the Word, that if we are being conformed to this world then our hearts are being hardened. However, the Word also reveals that, if our minds are being renewed by the Word, then our hearts will be softened. Romans 12:1-2.

There is no middle ground with this; we need to know, and understand, the things of God, through the finished work of the cross, so that we can fulfill the plan and purpose that God has for our lives.

It is our choice!

Sunday 14 July 2013

We had an extended time of worship and fellowship today; so no message this week.

How to soften your heart. #9

Pastor Vic continues to remind us that, because of the finished work of the Cross, we are forgiven and we have been made righteous.

But what comes from being forgiven and being made righteous? Listen and hear again that sin is no longer an issue for God.

Although we live under God's grace, sin still has earthly consequences but, as the Word tells us, we should have no more conciousness of sin!

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