Born again? You are righteous! #2

Pastor Vic continues to share from 2 Corinthians 5 : 17 - 21 and we hear that, because of what Jesus has done, we have been reconciled to God! There is now nothing between God and man!

And, as born again believers, we have a ministry of reconciliation and we are ambassadors for Jesus Christ because we are citizens of heaven!

Our part is to believe, accept and receive the truth of the Word!

Born again? You are the righteousness of God!

2 Corinthians 5 v 17 - 21.

Pastor Vic declares that these 5 verses are an amazing summary of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and all that He has done for you and what He has made you!

We have been reconcilled to God; we have been forgiven by God; we have been made the righteousness of God through the finished work of Jesus Christ!

All because of the remission of sin through the blood of Jesus on the cross!

Paul writes to the church in Ephesus. #7

On Remembrance Sunday Pastor Vic returns to The Book of Ephesians.

At the beginning of this letter, Paul exhorts all born again believers to have a deep desire to know and understand all that we have in Christ. Paul reminds us that we have an inheritance from God because of what Jesus did, through the finished work of the cross.

Pastor Vic exhorts us to acquire that desire to have a deep knowledge and a deep understanding of all that has been provided for all born again believers.

We have His Inheritance in us; right now! And it is all about what Jesus has done!

A New Covenant Model for Prayer.

There are many examples of prayer in the Old and the New Testament. God's Word also shows us how to pray.

Pastor Vic reminds us of the difference between Old and New Covenant prayers and shows us, from Acts 28, a model for a New Covenant prayer that we can pray for those who have a hard heart, closed eyes and closed ears.

Pastor Vic encourages us to pray for believers as well as non believers.

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