Spirit, Soul and Body Revisited. #1

In Galatians 5:17 we read that there is a battle going on between our flesh and our spirit.

Nunsy Cameron reminds us of the foundational truths that the Word tells us about our spirit; our soul; our body; we are a three part being.



New Beginnings. #5 - Change for the better through repentance.

For some Christian believers, the words, 'repent' and 'repentance', bring images, and thoughts, of people down on their knees, crying out to God and asking for forgiveness.

At MGF, we look at the original Greek of a word and consider its meaning.

These words, 'repent' and 'repentance', are often misused. In this message, Pastor Vic reminds the listener that true repentance is a continual process, which helps with the renewing of the mind.

New beginnings. #4 - Go and sin no more.

Do you know that no matter what sin you have committed, or will commit, that, if you are 'born again', Jesus accepts you and loves you?

Pastor Vic brings a message of acceptance, and new beginnings, based on the woman caught in adultery. 

New beginnings. #3 - Time for a change?

Many Christian believers desire change in their lives and are waiting for God to change them! Guess what? It is down to you!

Pastor Vic challenges us to change our lives by putting Jesus central in the area of our life that we desire to change.

But have you got the necessary determination?

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