Listen. Hear. Obey. Continue.

In the message this week we continue in our journey learning from Elijah, a man who listened to God yet still made mistakes.

Today, Pastor Vic uses 1 Kings 17 v 10 – 24 to show us that the provision of God is bountiful and plentiful; indeed it is never ending.

We also see that operating in the miraculous should be the norm in the life of the born again believer and that this is a great way of showing that we follow a Mighty and Living God.

We trust that you will be blessed through listening to the Word of God being rightly divided.

Do what you are told!

This week, looking at the example of Elijah, Pastor Vic encourages us to listen to; hear from; and then obey the Lord God of Israel, so that we are following His plan for our life.

Our obedience to God enables us to access all that God has already provided; the provision is already there!

Are you limiting God?

Do you know that God has a plan for your life?

Do you know that you can limit God's plan?

Do you know that you need to 'listen' to God to follow that plan?

Pastor Vic shares what has been happening in his life in the last ten days and shares with us a decision that he has made through 'listening' to God.

Faith, Hope and Love.

Guest speaker Andrew Ollerton uses Caleb's character to remind us that we possess the promises of God.

Caleb had a whole hearted love for the Lord; he had a courageous faith; he had an enduring hope.

Andrew encourages us not to leave God out of our daily life because if God is for you then who can be against you?


Spirit, Soul and Body Revisited. #2

Do you know the effect of God's Word in your life?

Do you know the truth of who you are in Christ?

Do you know that, as a born again believer, you have a new, born again spirit?

But are you waiting for God to move in your life?

Nunsy Cameron reminds us that we need to put our faith in what the Word of God promises and act on those promises of God!

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