Heal the sick…….

Pastor Vic brings a brief message as an introduction for today's Healing Service.

He exhorts all believers to operate in the authority given to us, through the finished work of the cross, and heal the sick.


MGF presents…….

Puppets 4 Life.......http://vimeo.com/92598412

No message this week folks…….

as we had a puppet show presentation, from Puppets 4 Life, of the 'Easter Story'.

However, we did a video recording of this and we will direct you to our Vimeo page as soon as the video is ready; probably just a couple of days.

Our thoughts and words directly impact our lives.

Once again we continue on our journey looking at the life of Elijah.
This week Pastor Vic looks at how Elijah speaks out God's Word and relates this back to our own prayer lives.

We also look at how when we pray we should have a "when" mentality rather that an "if" mentality; looking out for when the manifestation of our words takes place rather than if it will.

Our thoughts and words impact directly on our lives; listen to find out more.

Elijah’s challenge to make up your mind!

Pastor Vic continues today looking at lessons from the life of Elijah; this time we look at some highlights from 1 Kings 18.

In light of what we see being asked by Elijah, Pastor Vic asks the people of God some very challenging questions around idolatry, and signs and wonders.

Are you prepared to make up your mind and take up the challenge?

At the end of this message you will hear Pastor Vic speak at the beginning of the fellowship taking communion; it is well worth listening to this explanation about communion.

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