Christ is enough!

Pastor Vic and family are down south this weekend, at Grace & Faith, so this week's message is brought by one of our elders.

Dave brings a message that considers some of the basics of our faith and also highlights some of the criticisms that are levelled at pastors that preach and teach the so called, 'Grace Message.'


Techy Dave has had a busy week, including a visit to the local hospital for an hernia op.......still working on editing last Sunday's stuff.

Charlie and Jill LeBlanc…….

have been with us in the northeast of Scotland since last Thursday. They are travelling down to Dumfries today and we have had a wonderful blessed time with them.

On Sunday we had two worship services, morning and evening, led by Charlie and Jill. During the morning, Charlie spoke briefly between songs and I am currently working on the editing of the recording of the whole service. I will isolate the things that Charlie and Jill spoke about and they will be posted up as soon as possible.

Give no offense…sin not…because you can.

Going on from his favourite passage of scripture, 2 Corinthians 5:17-21, Pastor Vic shows that, as Paul says in 2 Corinthians 6:1-3, because of all that we are in Christ we have been equipped to sin less.

He also reminds us that the Christian walk is not an individual pursuit but that we are co-workers together; it's a team effort.

India Mission Trip.

Today, Caroline & Linda share some of their experiences from their recent mission trip to India.

Technical note: Some of the talk was accompanied by short video and powerpoint presentation but you will still hear more than enough to give you an insight to the situations and many blessings that they experienced.

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