Giving under the New Covenant. #2

2 Corinthians 9 v 7 is the main Scripture in this new series that Pastor Vic is now preaching.

In the second message of the series we look at a picture on new covenant giving that can be found in Exodus.

God gave the people material wealth as they left Egypt; He gave them a reason to give through the building of the tabernacle and He inspired them to give as willing and cheerful partners.

This is also how "giving works" under new covenant grace.

Giving under the New Covenant. #1

In the message today, Pastor Vic starts a new series called, 'Giving under the New Covenant.'

This teaching will cover many aspects of giving under grace; when to give, how to give and how much to give, for example.

In this message we look at the verse that underpins New Covenant giving, 2 Corinthians 9 v 7; and see that there really is no exception clause for the New Covenant believer; we should all be giving financially into the Kingdom.

What to do in a storm. #7

In the final message of our "storm' series, Pastor Vic takes us through the final stage of this model; the stage that really sums up the whole model and the principle upon which every other stage depends upon.

We see that Paul believed in what God said.

This is a principle that we must let rule in our lives; do we believe in what God says or do we believe in what we see all around us?

What to do in a storm. #6

In the message this week Pastor Vic covers another two parts of Paul's model of behaviour when living through a storm. This time we see that we should stay faithful to the path we are on and 'stay in the boat'; we should also act normally in order to provide a good witness to those around us.

It can be done, if you know and focus on the spiritual truths instead of looking at the physical facts.

What to do in a storm. #5

In the message today, Pastor Vic looks at the next stage of the model that Paul uses in the storm.

We see that Paul is a blessing to those around him; so today Pastor Vic encourages us to remember that we are a blessing.

Even in a storm we are to be salt and light; we are to bless and encourage others.
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