Grace or law? Freedom or bondage?

In the message today, Pastor Vic spends time looking through various scriptures from Galatians, showing us Paul's attitude towards grace and law, grace and legalism.

Paul gives us a strong message that law and legalism is not for the born again believer living under the New Covenant.

Paul preaches a message of pure grace; a message of the finished work of Jesus Christ; he preaches the one and only Gospel!

Giving under the New Covenant. #7

In the last message of the current series, Pastor Vic looks at a topic he did not want to cover!

Tithing is not part of New Covenant giving; however, given the many questions about tithing throughout this series, Pastor Vic looks at this in this message.

You do have to give into the Kingdom but this teaching will show you that you do not have to tithe!

NB: The audio quality of this message is not up to our usual standard due to forementioned problems.

Greetings and apology.

Greetings to all our listeners.

I was hoping to have yesterday's message posted up by this evening. However, I am experiencing a technical problem with the digital recording made yesterday. I cannot get the software to recognise the file. However, I have made an analogue recording which will need some work on it to make it acceptable to post on Podbean.

This will take a couple of days but please be assured that it is a message that you will want to listen to.

Once again, my apologies.

Mr. 'Techy' Dave. 

Message for 19 October…….

Please note that the message on 19 October will be published later than usual. We are hoping to have it published by the evening of Monday 20 October.

Thank you for your patience.

Giving under the New Covenant. #6

This week Pastor Vic looks at the application of spiritual laws with regard to sowing and reaping.

He reminds us that we cannot ignore them; spiritual laws without a corresponding action from you will not work for you; we do this willingly, cheerfully and with love!

Giving under the New Covenant. #5

This week Nunsy shares from Luke 16 and reminds us that we need to apply Kingdom principles when it comes to giving; it is not just about parting with money!

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