Calling and Separation.

Following on from Pastor Vic's series on the life of Joseph, Nunsy picks up on what Paul refers to as, 'calling and separation'.

As we see in the Word, nobody's ministry happened overnight. They all took many years to see come to pass all that God had called them to.

For everyone of us there will be a period of time between God laying a plan, a purpose, or a ministry, on our heart, and seeing it come to pass. For Joseph that time period was 22 years.

Nunsy looks at 6 things to always bear in mind during that, 'in between time', after God 'calls us', before we are, 'separated unto it'.

Character traits of Joseph.

In the message today, Pastor Vic continues looking at the life of Joseph and learning from what he went through.

Joseph is clearly a man of Godly character and integrity; what is it that he does that makes him so?

Listen to this message and hear how Joseph dealt with temptation; how he behaved with compassion and empathy; and how he was a man who generated trust.

NB: recording of message taken from open microphone.

Prosperous in all circumstances.

In the second of our series looking at Joseph, Pastor Vic looks at the verses telling us that Joseph was a prosperous man.

This seems incredible given that Joseph was in slavery and then in jail.

We will see however that our prosperity is not defined by our circumstances but by our relationship with the Lord.

Joseph was a prosperous man because the Lord was with Him; listen to the message and hear that you are the same.

You are allowed to dream!

In the first teaching series of 2015, Pastor Vic starts to look at the lessons we can take from the life of Joseph.

Today we see that Joseph was a dreamer and that, given time and perseverance, his dreams came to pass. The same can be true in your life.

Listen to the message and then start to dream.

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