The dangers of staying offended. #3

This week, in the third message of this series, Pastor Vic looks at the causes of offense between man. He also considers how man becomes offended by God.

We need a revelation about the true nature of God; how He loves us and that bad things are not from Him.

God has provided all that we need to live an abundant life.

The dangers of staying offended. #2

In the second message of our new series Pastor Vic carries on discussing the dangers of staying offended.

Today we look at a number of things that could cause a believer to get offended; among them being a lack of love and study of the Word, selfishness, a religious mindset and an immaturity and lack of a "root system".

If you are getting offended could any of this list be the cause?

Listen in and help yourself to stop getting offended.

The dangers of staying offended. #1

In a new series this week, Pastor Vic introduces the danger of staying offended.

In this introduction we see how important it is that a believer does not stay offended; we see that situations are sent from the enemy trying to snare us, and offend us, in order to steal, kill and destroy.

We have a responsibility to ourselves not to stay offended; but we also have a responsibility to others not to give offence.

Listen to find out more and join us next week as we get into the Biblical detail of this vital topic.

Joseph: A man of forgiveness.

Today, Pastor Vic finishes our series on the life of Joseph.

We see that Joseph is a supreme example of how to live a life of forgiveness. He 'paid his brothers back' with love, mercy, compassion and forgiveness.

We can see a 'picture' of Jesus in the example of Joseph and also see that we should live a life of forgiveness.
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