Fundamentals of Church. #1

In the message today Pastor Vic starts a new series called ‘Fundamentals of Church’.

He will be using Acts 2 v 42 as the basis for this teaching, seeing as this was the successful foundations of the church in Acts when we saw thousands saved with many signs and wonders being manifest.

In the first lesson in this series Pastor Vic covers what is meant by the apostles’ doctrine.

Righteousness by faith.

In the message today, Pastor Vic uses Old Testament scriptures to explain a New Covenant principle.

We look at the account of Cain and Abel, and use the typology in these verses to show how we are made righteous; how we gain acceptance from God.

Righteousness, by faith, was the way for Abel and also for us living under the New Covenant; but faith in what?

Learn more of this fascinating topic by listening to this message.

From ignorance & separation to revelation & connection.

In today’s message, Nunsy Cameron brings a reminder of the truths on which MGF is founded, and an encouragement to stand firm in all that we know and are established in.

2 Peter 1 v 12

The dangers of staying offended. #5

Today Pastor Vic finishes his series about the danger of staying offended. Today we look at forgiveness and how essential this is if we are to process an offence and then move away from it.

We are to model how we forgive on how God forgives; that is, we are to forgive everybody for everything!

The dangers of staying offended. #4

In the message today, Pastor Vic starts looking at how we can help ourselves to stop from getting offended.

This is an essential skill for the believer seeing that offence will surely come;  well, Jesus said it would.

Today we look at a number of "tools and strategies" to help in this area; all of which have loving and understanding the Word at their root.
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