Visit of Charis Bible College students.

This weekend, Moray Grace Fellowship has been host to a group of students from the Charis Bible College in Walsall, England.

At this morning's fellowship they led us in praise & worship and, instead of a message, we heard testimonies from Anold, Peggy, Kate, Shirley, Lesley and Trevor.

At the end of these testimonies you will hear Jackie, of MGF, sing in tongues and then Nunsy gives an interpretation.

We pray that you will be blessed through these testimonies.

NB: The students used an hand held radio microphone so each person used the mic in different positions; this means that you will hear 'breath pops' from time to time, and the audio levels have had to be slightly altered to try and make them consistent. We hope that this will not detract from these messages as we know that you will be blessed!

In the next few days we will be uploading these testimonies as individual tracks so that you will be able to listen again to each one on its own.

Godly influence is best!

In this week's message, Nunsy Cameron exhorts us to come out from under any influence in our life that is not in  line with the Word of God.

We need to make the Lord, through His Word, the uttermost influence in, and over, our life.

Our priority needs to be the Word because the Word reveals God's opinion on everything - He knows best!

Hope - The power of positive expectation.

Our visiting speaker Dave Feldman, of Tooting Grace Fellowship, brings us a message that reminds us that it is our responsibility to access the power of spiritual truth.

We need to absorb the Word of God so that our expectations in life will change for the better through right thinking and right speaking.

We need to accept that the favour of God is upon us through the finished work of Jesus!

Fundamentals of Church. #2

In the message today, Pastor Vic examines the Biblical meaning of 'fellowship'.

'Fellowship' is the second fundamental of a New Covenant church. What did 'fellowship' mean to the early Christians? And what does it mean for us today?

Find out that the Christian life is not meant to be a solo activity and that finding 'fellowship' with like-minded believers is a must for all of us.

Listen to the message and find out more!
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