Fundamentals of Church. #5

In the message today, Pastor Vic sends out a clear challenge to every born again believer.

We focus this week on three words in Acts 2 v 42; "they continued stedfastly".

This is an important verse to us all; how are we continuing in our walk with the Lord? Are we stedfast?

Prepare to be challenged if you listen.

NB. Recording of message taken from an external source due to a techy problem.

Fundamentals of Church. #4

In the 4th message of our current series Pastor Vic continues to look at Acts 2 v 42.

We've looked at apostles' doctrine, fellowship and breaking of bread; so what does it mean to continue "in prayers"?

This week we will see that in this context prayer equals worship, and worship equals prayer.

Listen to find out more.

NB: No message next week - 24 May - as some of us are going to the 'Grace and Faith' conference in Telford, England.

Position yourself for God.

Our guest speaker, Helen Anderson, brings an encouraging testimony and exhorts us to be mindful of God's call on our life.

Helen encourages us to be aware to whatever God's plan is for us and that we need to choose to follow the call upon our life and to get involved in that plan!

Fundamentals of Church. #3

It’s four weeks since Pastor Vic has preached; so this week he continues with the series he recently started.

Today he looks at what it means to “break bread” as a church.

Is it communion or is it something else?

Have a listen to find out.

At the end of this message you will hear a message from the Lord, given to Jackie Scott just before Pastor Vic spoke. She wrote this message down and shared it with the fellowship at the end of the message from Pastor Vic. The recording was taken on a digital voice recorder and edited onto the end of the message.

Visit of Charis Bible College Students.

Over the weekend of 24 - 26 April we were blessed by a visit of six students from the Charis Bible College, Walsall, England.

On the Sunday morning we heard testimony from each student.

We have individually posted each testimony but further on we have also posted the complete testimony time if you want to listen to the whole session.

Anold’s testimony.

Peggy’s testimony.

Kate’s testimony.

Shirley’s testimony.

Lesley’s testimony.

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