Our true identity. #1

Pastor Vic starts a new series this week, exploring the topic of our true identity; of who we are in Christ.

Starting with Romans 8, we will look at what we have as a gift of grace through faith in Jesus and His finished work.

In the message today we look at the awesome truth that we are sons and daughters of God; adopted into His family and are now joint- heirs with Christ.

Understanding of our true identity, of who we are in Christ, will change our lives.

Message recorded using our new radio mic set up; so still getting used to the microphone settings and levels.

Fundamentals of Church. #6

Today, Pastor Vic finishes this series on Acts 2 v 42.

We see that this passage is all about love; about caring for your brother and sister in Christ.

Listen to find out if you really do need to sell your goods and possessions, and live a communal life!

Once again our apologies for the audio quality. Our radio mic system receiver has finally failed and we will be replacing it this coming week. Once again the message was recorded via an 'open' mic.

Where do I start to study the Bible?

This question was asked at our Thursday evening Bible study and today Nunsy shares with us some of her own experiences in studying the Word of God.

Each person will study the Word in a way that is beneficial to them but Nunsy shares that there are Biblical principles which will help each one of us.

You are fit for purpose in the Kingdom!

Titus 2 v 11 - 12 declares that the grace of God teaches that, "we should live soberly, righteously and godly, in this present world."

Listen as Nunsy declares this truth over the lives of born again believers and challenges us to save our minds and see that we have been made fit for purpose in this present world.

7 June 2015

There will be a delay in posting today's message by Nunsy Cameron. Due to a problem with our radio mic set up the message was recorded on an iPhone. Therefore, the recording is effectively on an 'open mic' and I am editing out as much of the background noises as I can. I apologise to all our listeners and will post the recording as soon as possible.

Techy Dave.

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