In this week's message, Nunsy Cameron exhorts us to know and understand the New Covenant that we have with God through His Son, Jesus Christ.

The old covenants, in the past, that man had with God, were a direct covenant between man and God.

A covenant is 'legally binding' and therefore all parties to the covenant are legally bound by the covenant.

The New Covenant that born again believers have through Jesus Christ is all about His finished work on the cross and we need to understand this so that we do not live in fear and under condemnation.

At the beginning of this message, Nunsy uses the example of the covenant between David and Jonathan to show us how covenants operate.

NB. Recording taken from open mic.

Ye are all one in Christ.

In the message today, Pastor Vic moves away from the current series to discuss a topical issue at MGF.

Last week he appointed a lady as an elder for the fellowship and was asked questions about the Biblical precedent for female elders.

This week, Pastor Vic answers these questions, showing us that there were examples of female leaders in the early church and that the doctrine of having only male leaders is a ‘tradition of man’ and wrong.

Our true identity. #3

In the message today, Pastor Vic uses three passages of scripture to explain Romans 8 v 1.

The encounters of Jesus with the woman caught in adultery and the Samaritan woman at the well, along with the section about the prodigal son, gives us a picture - type and shadow - of how God will never use condemnation on His children.

As believers, we now live in a time where there is no condemnation from God!

Listen to find out more about this fundamental truth.

Our true identity. #2

In the message today Pastor Vic continues in the new series we are calling, 'Our True Identity'.

We are learning about "I am" and "I've been made" statements; looking at truths of who we are, and what we have, in Christ.

In this message we agree and speak out the following: "I am loved by God".

We then need to be persuaded that nothing can separate us from this love.

Listen to find out more.

Our true identity. #2

There will be a delay in posting up today’s message. Hopefully it will be up later today but it may not be up until tomorrow, Monday. Many apologies.

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