The benefits & responsibilities of Sonship.

This week’s message is brought to us by Jacqueline Scott.

Using Ephesians 6 v 10 – 20 she reminds us that with the benefits of Sonship comes responsibility. But we also have authority with our position in Christ.

God is still drawing ‘a people’ to Himself, to take people from a kingdom of darkness into a kingdom of light and, as sons and joint heirs of Christ, we are called to play our part.

Yes, we walk in gratitude, thankfulness, joy and grace, but we have a responsibility to show the world the Light of the World, who is living inside of us!

Our true identity. #7

In the message today, the last in this current series about Our True Identity, Pastor Vic looks at two aspects of what we receive through our position in Christ.

These are rather controversial in some sections of the Church; we are talking about healing and prosperity.

3 John v2 says that above all things God wants us to live in health and prosperity, but is this talking about spiritual matters or physical?

Listen to find out that this is all about our physical life here on earth; a life that God wants to be full of health, prosperity and abundance.

Out true identity. #6

In the 6th of our True Identity series, Pastor Vic explores the concept of, ‘saint or sinner’ and wether we are holy or not.

We will hear that, through our position in Christ, we are holy and that we are saints.

This is all to do with position and nothing to do with performance!

Listen to find out that you are indeed a saint!

Our true identity. #5

In the message today Pastor Vic carries on with our Identity in Christ series.

Again we hear about position in Christ over religious performance; and this week we look at righteousness.

If you are in Christ you are righteous; you have right standing with God.

Find out that righteousness is about who you are and not what you do.

Our true identity. #4

In the message today Pastor Vic continues teaching our life changing series called “Our True Identity”.

Today he passionately tells us that because of our position in Christ we are more than conquerors; we are overcomers and we are winners in this life.

If you are a born again believer you can change your life by being persuaded about this truth.

Listen to find out more.

NB: Recording taken from open mic.

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