Vision for the future.

In the message this week, Pastor Vic shares from his heart after being away at a conference last week.

God spoke to Vic about a number of issues including "updating" the vision for MGF and Heilan Word Ministries.

Can you get excited about this vision?

Can you get on board and see this vision?

Listen and be excited about what God is doing in Moray, Scotland and world wide.

For your information.

As Techy Dave is away next weekend - 24/25 October - the message will probably not be posted up until the following Tuesday or Wednesday. ie: 27/28 October.

Are you focused on experiences over the Word?

This week, Nunsy Cameron brings a challenging message from 2 Corinthians 3.

As a born again believer are you continually looking for the external manifestation of the Holy Spirit? Do you use the Holy Spirit for personal gratification? Or do you use your experience of the Holy Spirit to minister the Word and to witness?

Paul reminds us that we are, ‘able ministers of the new testament’, and that the old has gone and the new is more glorious.

Wisdom from the Book of James. #6

In the final message from the Book of James, Pastor Vic looks at his favourite passage from this Epistle.

Today he teaches on the importance of the Word; how it has eminence over the physical.

James agrees once again with Paul that the Word, or rather that post cross New Covenant Scripture, is the way to lasting and permanent change in our lives.

Wisdom from the Book of James. #5

In the message today, the 5th in our series, 'Wisdom from the Book of James', we look at the two models described for believers receiving healing with a church context.

You can call for the elders, or pray together with believers you love and trust.

Are you needing healing in your body today?

If yes, then you need to listen to this message.

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