The Gospel of Grace. #5

Pastor Vic continues in our journey through the book of Galatians; this week starting at Chapter 3 v 1.

This verse can be translated thus: "Are you people of Galatia mad?" What magician has hypnotised you and cast an evil spell upon you?"

This is an especially strong verse when you remember that Paul is warning the Galatians about legalists from inside the church!

 Listen to find out why this verse is still very important for us today.

The Gospel of Grace. #4

The message from the Epistle to the Galatians is that, 'Jesus is enough'.

In the 4th message in this series Pastor Vic continues to teach through Chapter 2 and talks about justification.

Justification is not achieved through works but through faith and Paul is very clear on this, mentioning this fact a number of times in this passage.

Listen to find out that, 'Jesus is enough'.

The Gospel of Grace. #3

Pastor Vic continues to share from Paul's Epistle to the Galatians.

In this message we hear that Paul recognised that his ministry needed teamwork and continual preparation. Paul's example is valid today in many ways. All born again believers have a ministry; you may not be a pastor or in any position of leadership; you may not have an 'official' ministry; but we all have a ministry in our everyday lives.

Pastor Vic shares with us about how Paul continued to study, and understand, what he believed, so that he could speak it out in truth. Yes, Paul was assertive but he was also humble and modest enough to let himself be taught.

Paul wanted to speak out the Gospel of Grace, but he knew that it had to be the truth.

The Gospel of Grace. #2

Pastor Vic continues his new series of study in Galatians.

Today he looks at the concerns of Paul about the people deserting the true Gospel to something completely different.

We also see that this is happening today and is as dangerous now as it was back then.

The Gospel = Jesus = Grace; that is the truth that Pastor Vic will explain today.

Anything else is not the Gospel; it is not even a gospel.

The Gospel of Grace. #1

In the message today, Pastor Vic starts a new series, 'The Gospel of Grace', with a verse by verse study through the Epistle to the Galatians.

We look at the first five verses this morning, where Paul greets the church, giving his credentials and preaching the Gospel.

Join us right at the start of this very exciting new series of messages and journey with us through Galatians.
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