The Gospel of Grace. #9

Only one verse in the message today; but what a verse!

Pastor Vic carries on with our journey through Galatians, exploring verse 6 from chapter 4.

What does, “Abba, Father”, mean and what are the implications for the born again believer?

Hopefully, after this message, you will look at, and approach, Father God in a whole new way.

The Gospel of Grace. #8

In the message this week, on the last Sunday before Christmas, we continue in our journey through Galatians.

This week we are at the start of Galatians 4 and, in verses 4 and 5, we actually see the "Christmas message".

Jesus was sent forth, born as a baby, with a mission from His Father.

That mission was to redeem men and give them the opportunity to be adopted into God's family.

Listen today to the true "message" of Christmas.

The Gospel of Grace. #7

In this latest message in our Galatians’ series, Pastor Vic covers why the law was given.

The law is not for us now; we are righteous and live under grace; but the law had a purpose.

What is this? What was it for?

Listen to find out.

The Gospel of Grace. #6

We are nearly half way through our study of Galatians; this week progressing through Chapter 3.

Pastor Vic speaks again of Abraham being our example of being made righteous through faith.

Jesus did not "die for our sins" but died, and was raised again, for our righteousness!

Listen to this encouraging message and be blessed. 

Sunday 6 December

The message will be posted a bit later than usual as Techy Dave has a family get together in the afternoon. Hopefully it will be posted up by late evening.

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