Sunday 3 April 2016 - Message.

Techy Dave is away for a few days over this weekend. Therefore, this Sunday's message will be posted later in the week. Hopefully by late Wednesday evening but no later than Thursday pm, UK time.


Live Life to the Full!

In this week's message, Jackie Scott uses the example of Paul writing to Timothy to fight the good fight of the faith.

We are encouraged to be aware of false teachers and to pursue Godly attributes knowing that, as born again believers, we are righteous and that we can live an abundant life this side of the grave!

We need to acknowledge who we are, and where we are, in Christ, so that we can enjoy life to the full; right here! right now!

New Covenant Prayer. #2

Nunsy Cameron continues to use the example of Nehemiah to show us the importance of knowing the covenant we are in with the Lord.

As a born again believer, if we know and understand the covenant that we are in with the Lord, we will have the revelation of the truth of the covenant that we are in with the Lord.

We will have the revelation of the truth of how we can approach the Lord and what that means for our relationship with Him.

Nunsy reveals how we now approach the Lord through prayer; it is not how Nehemiah prayed; we now pray according to the New Covenant.

Listen and be blessed by this powerful truth.

New Covenant Prayer. #1

As a born again believer, do you want revelation of the things of God?
Nunsy Cameron reminds us that God deals with mankind according to covenant; therefore we need to know the covenant we are in with God so that we can benefit from our covenant relationship with God.

Using the example of Nehemiah, Nunsy shows us the difference, in how and what we pray, between the Old and New Covenants.

Nunsy explains the importance of praying in the Spirit; ie. praying in tongues; so that the things of God will be revealed.

The Gospel of Grace. #18

Today is the last in our series of, 'The Gospel of Grace'; a journey through the Epistle to the Galatians.

Paul is summing up his message; the message that Jesus is enough, and that religion and legalism are not required.

How does he finish this great, or 'large', epistle?

Does he have any final nuggets of information for his beloved church in Galatia?

Listen to the message to find out.
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