The Character & Names of God #4 : Jehovah - Ra’ah

We carry on today with another name for God; another descriptor of His true character.

This week we are looking at Jehovah – Ra’ah: the Lord my shepherd.

Do you know this can also be translated as, ‘the Lord my Friend’?

Jesus wants to provide us with security and abundance; He wants to be your shepherd.

The Character & Names of God. #3 Jehovah-Rapha

The name of God that we look at today is, 'Jehovah-Rapha'; "I am the Lord your physician".

God is indeed our physician, having provided healing through the finished work of Jesus Christ.

This healing is physical and it is for us today.

Listen to find out more.

The Character & Names of God. #2

In the second week of our new series Pastor Vic looks at another name for God.

This week it is the well known name, Jehovah Jireh; the God who will provide or, more literally, the God who will see to it.

Would you believe Pastor Vic when he says that this is actually a name we should not use for God anymore?

Listen to the message to find out why.

The Character & Names of God. #1

Pastor Vic starts a new series this week, looking at the character and names of God.

In this first message he looks at the first name for God that we see in the Bible.

In Genesis 1 v 1 the word used for God is a wonderful Hebrew word, 'Elohim'.

Listen to find out that this is also the first mention of the Trinity and that God, through Jesus, was the Creator.
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