‘For such a time as this’

This week's message is brought by one of our Elders.

In the message, Dave uses the example of four people of the Old Testament to show that each and every believer can be used by God.

God has a purpose for each one of us and we can be in God's will for our lives through His Word; by studying it and by meditating on it.

Through God's Word we can be ready for, 'such a time as this'.

The Character & Names of God: #8: God is Merciful!

Pastor Vic has a final look at one of the aspects of the character of God; this time that He is a God of mercy.

We see that we don't get what we deserve and then get what we don't deserve; all because of the finished work of Jesus.


Listen to find out more!

The Character & Names of God: #7: God is Generous!

Today, Pastor Vic explores another aspect of the character of God; His generosity.

Using three very familiar passages; feeding the five thousand, the wedding at Cana and the prodigal son, we see that His provision for us is great in terms of quantity and quality, thus making Him a very generous Heavenly Father.

Listen to find out what Father God, in His immense generosity and love, was prepared to do and give up for you.

The Character & Names of God. #6 God is Good!

In the message today Pastor Vic looks at one aspect of the character of God; an aspect reflected in the names that we have studied in the last few weeks.

God is good!

This is a simple truth that the body of Christ do not fully believe; if we did believe it we would stop saying, God sends storms, illness and other 'bad' things our way.

Listen to the message for the simple truth; God is good!

The Character & Names of God: #5: Jehovah - Tsidkenu

This is now the 5th message in our series looking at the names of God.

The one today is from Jeremiah and is, 'the Lord our Righteousness'.

The people are told of a day coming when Jesus would be the route for righteousness.

No works; no good deeds required; righteousness comes from Jesus as a gift of grace through faith.

We now live in that time and are the more blessed for it.

Listen to this message for the Biblical truth about righteousness.

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