The Glory of God is within you!

This week, Nunsy reminds us that the Glory of God, that was given to Jesus, has been passed on to us by Jesus!

But everyone of us has been born with spiritual blindness. Using the blind man in John 9, Nunsy shows us the need to have that spiritual blindness taken away by the Word; ie: Jesus!

The Glory of God is full of grace and truth and reveals the true nature of God to us: He is love; His heart is for us. He wants the true nature of the Kingdom to be presented to the world through us!

Spiritual blindness can only be removed by the Word!

Listen to hear the truth of the Word!

Are you opposing God without realising it?

This week, Nunsy uses the example of Saul to show what happens when we oppose God.

Saul, by not following God's Word for him, not only opposed God, he also opposed himself!

Saul, by going against God's Word, harmed himself and gave the enemy access to his life and God no longer exalted Saul.

Submitting to God's Word is absolutely the best thing we can do for our lives; submitting to God's Word will allow the love and power of God to flow through us.

If we love God we will not hinder Him by our own thinking. When you go with God's Word you will crucify the flesh and do the right thing, even when it hurts!

Listen and be blessed.

The importance of understanding God’s Word!

In this week's message, Pastor Vic takes us back to basics.

We hear about the truth of God's Word and how important it is to have knowledge and understanding of God's Word.

By renewing our minds, through God's Word, we can be in the perfect and acceptable will of God for our life.

But with understanding comes responsibility; we need to understand what God has done for us and how we can receive; the Word of God should be the first place we look when we are unsure about anything!

Listen and be blessed!

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit!

In the message today Pastor Vic discusses one of the most important, and controversial, doctrines under the New Covenant; the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

This is a secondary experience to salvation and is essential equipping and enabling for the born again believer.

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit did not 'die away' with the Apostles; it is as essential today as it was in the Book of Acts.

How do you get filled with the Holy Spirit?

What can you do once you experience this?

Listen to find out more.

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