Lessons from the Life of David. #2

This is week two in our new series looking at what we can learn from the life of David.

In 1 Samuel 18 we read the phrase, "behaved himself wisely"; what does this mean and is it relevant for us today?

You may not like the answer but it is relevant for us today and speaks directly into how we should behave and act towards authority figures in our life.

Even though Saul was jealous, and acted terribly towards him, David still obeyed Saul and behaved wisely.

Listen and learn more from the life of David that you can implement in your own life today.

Lessons from the Life of David. #1

Today we start a new series at MGF; looking at what we can learn from the life of David.

We all know David; he beat Goliath; he was a man after God's own heart; yet he was a man with troubles.

Today we see David being anointed and can learn a lot from what he does afterwards.

David does not push to become king but returns to tending the sheep, telling us much about anointing, appointment and apprenticeships.


Listen to find out more!

Your place at God’s Table.

In the message today, Pastor Vic completes the mini-series we started a number of weeks ago.

Nunsy taught about the table of abundance; the table of rest; the table of the finished work of Jesus in one of those messages.

Today,  Pastor Vic reminds us of that table through the account of King David receiving Mephibosheth, at his table, as a son.

In this masterpiece of typology, we see that we are Mephibosheth and we have a right to sit at the Lord's table and receive of His absolute best.

Unbelief is Deadly!

In the message this week, Nunsy reminds us of a truth that all born again believers should be aware of.

Just like Peter, when he walked on the water, if we let things in the natural take over our belief of what the Lord has told us, then we will allow circumstances to overwhelm us.

Unbelief will cause the Word of God to be of 'nil effect' in our lives and we will do stupid things and make stupid decisions!

If you exalt carnal things above what God says then that will 'kill' you!

We need to magnify God above the carnal so that we will know and believe the truth of what the Word of God says about us.

You need to listen to , and be blessed by, this very practical teaching.

Rest in His Finished Work.

This week Nunsy exhorts us to rest in the finished work of the cross.

This 'rest' is the 'Sabbath Rest' and, through it, every born again believer can experience God's full provision for their every need.

All that we need has been provided and we can reach out, in faith, and take all that we need from God's provision.

Be blessed and rest in the full provision of what has been provided through Jesus.


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