The 3Rs of Grace. #1

Pastor Vic starts a new series today; we are calling it, 'The 3 Rs of Grace.'

Before we can tackle difficult concepts in mathematics, for example, we need to be able to read, write and count.

In the Christian faith we have the 3 Rs that we need to understand about; that is Reconciliation, Righteousness and Renewal.

In the first of this new series Pastor Vic gives a summary of what is to come.

Lessons from the Life of David. #5

This week, in the final message of this series, Pastor Vic shows us how and why we can fall in to sin, just the way David did with Bathsheba.

David was faithful to the ways of God when he was experiencing times of difficulty. However, when David became king, and was successful, he became lazy and lost his focus.

As a New Covenant believer, we can still sin but sin does not affect God's relationship toward us. However, our sin has earthly consequences and it hurts the people around us.

Listen, learn and understand why it is good to stay focused on God in all circumstances.

Lessons from the Life of David. #4

This week, Pastor Vic carries on with looking at what we can learn from the life of David.

Today we spend time when David is going through great troubles and we see that he seeks the advice of the Lord and obeys it; and that he seeks, clings to and encourages himself in the Lord.

Great advice for us today; so listen for more details.

Lessons from the Life of David. #3

In the third of our series on David, Pastor Vic gives his 'take' on the account of David and Goliath.

There are lots we can learn from how David behaves during this encounter but the most important is what it tells us about covenants.

David knew the covenant relationship he was in with God; he had faith in this covenant; he spoke out this covenant and he acted according to the covenant.

This is what we must do as we live under the New Covenant.

Sunday 7 August 2016

This Sunday's message will be posted up on Monday because MGF is having a fellowship barbeque on Sunday afternoon and 'Techy Dave' will be involved with that.

Thank you for your patience.  Blessings.
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