The 3Rs of Grace. #5

We are now on week 5 of our series called, ‘The 3 Rs of Grace’.

We look at salvation today; a marvellous possibility for every man due to our reconciliation and forgiveness.

Salvation is open to all; however it requires a decision to be made about Jesus.

Once saved we have our ongoing salvation; for example, healing and prosperity.

Listen to find out all about the sozo package.

The 3Rs of Grace. #4

So far in this series we have looked at reconciliation and forgiveness.

This week we study Hebrews 10 v 1 and 2, where we find that, as we live under grace, we should have no more conscience of sin.

What does this mean?

Can we live a life where we should have no guilt or shame about our sin?

We can if we really understand that the finished work of Jesus was perfectly perfect!

The 3Rs of Grace. #3

Today we look at a requirement for true reconciliation;  that is, forgiveness.

Vic makes some seemingly controversial statements today, such as:

"We have been forgiven for all our sin already."

"We do not need to ask God for forgiveness."

"What is known as 'The Lord's Prayer' is an Old Covenant prayer and not meant to be recited today."

Listen with an open heart, and an open Bible, to find out more.

Sunday 11 September 2016

Due to other committments, today's message may not be uploaded until tomorrow.

Techy Dave.

The 3Rs of Grace. #2

In the second of our new series, ‘The 3 Rs of Grace’, Pastor Vic takes an in depth look at the concept of Reconciliation.

The first of our 3 Rs, reconciliation is what God did for us.

Find out that reconciliation was an event in the past, long before we were born, and came about through the finished work of Jesus.

There was, and there is, nothing we could do to reconcile ourselves to God; but, Praise God,  it has already been achieved.

Listen to find out more.

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