The 3Rs of Grace. #9

This week, in 'The Three Rs of Grace', Pastor Vic starts to look at our third 'R': Renewal.

We have seen that Reconcilliation is what God did for us and that Righteousness is what God did to us.

So what do we do in return?

We renew our minds!

Listen to this first message about the importance of mind renewal.

The 3Rs of Grace. #8

Today, Pastor Vic covers more about righteousness; looking at the fact that we are made righteous through faith.

This week we cover similar ground to last week but emphasise the message by using the examples of Bible figures.

We see that Abel and Abraham were made righteous by faith.

We see that David knew about righteousness by faith.

In fact we see that righteousness by faith is not a New Covenant phenomenom; it was always God's way and will always be God's way.

The 3Rs of Grace. #7

Today we really get into the teaching about righteousness.

What is righteousness? How do you become righteous?

We will learn that becoming righteous is not a process but an event.

You will see that you were made righteous the instant you were born again.

Listen to the message for full details.

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Apologies. Techy Dave.

Sunday 16 October 2016

Due to some technical issues, today's message will not be posted until tomorrow.


Techy Dave.

Question Time with Dave Feldman & Pastor Vic.

On the evening of Saturday 1st of October, MGF held an open meeting of Q & A with Dave & Pastor Vic. The questions came from the folk of MGF and we also took 'live' questions, at the time, from people watching the meeting live on Facebook.

Dave & Pastor Vic had no knowledge of the questions prior to the meeting and they were asked by Nunsy Cameron, Pastor Vic's wife.

It was an interesting meeting but, unfortunately, not all the questions were covered, so we hope to have a similar meeting in the future.

The 3Rs of Grace. #6

In the 6th message of our series, 'The Three 3 Rs of Grace', Pastor Vic starts teaching about righteousness.

Today we see how important it is to understand that we are righteous.

We see that understanding about our righteousness lets us live a more holy life with less sin.

Do you want less sin in your life?

Do you want to live a more holy life?

If you said yes, you need to listen to this message.


Our guest speaker, Dave Feldman, takes us through the Word to show us the importance of our relationship with God, ourself, people, the world and 'the enemy'.

This is an excellent teaching from Dave and it will encourage you and challenge you.

Dave and his wife, Reinet, are originally from South Africa and now live in London. They have been a wonderful blessing this weekend, and in the past, to MGF.

Please check out their ministry:

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