Biblical Submission.

Pastor Vic continues with the theme of relationships with a message that shows us that how much we submit is a measure of how much we love other people and God.

Submission to God is through love, grace and mercy.

When, in terms of maturity, you submit to other people it is through love, respect and honour.

When your 'neighbour' is trying to help you, you truly love them by submitting to them and not rejecting them through pride.

How submissive are you?



Biblical Relationships.

This week, Pastor Vic starts to look at another 'R'; ie: Relationships.

He challenges us, and himself, with James 1 v 19, which says,

'Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath: '

This verse challenges us about how we live out our relationships with all other people, no matter who they are; family, friends, aquaintances and even strangers who we only have the briefest contact with.

It is also a challenge to our relationship with God.

Listen to find out more.

God meets us wherever we are.

This week's message is brought by Sean Mason-Corkery, who is MGF's Men's Bible Study co-ordinator.

Using the example of Peter, Sean shares with us that God wants a relationship with us, despite ourselves, and wherever we are, no matter how we see ourselves.


NB: Apologies that there is some background noise due to a technical issue.

The 3Rs of Grace. #10

In the message today, Pastor Vic ‘wraps up’ the series on the 3Rs.

We take one final look at Renewal and see that rightly dividing the Word of God is key.

If we know where the Word of God came from, and if we know the Word is the agent of change, we will want to be diligent and hard working with regards to knowing the Word.

Pastor Vic explains why we should want to be part of the process of mind renewal.

This message could change your life!

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