Out with the old; in with the new!

This week, Nunsy Cameron reminds us that, as born again believers, we no longer live under the Old Covenant. Jesus became our mediator and High Priest; the old has passed away; the new has come!

In this message we hear how, and why, Jesus became the mediator for the whole world!

What is Christianity?

The title of this week's message is a question that Pastor Vic has been meditating on this past week.

If you 'google' this question, the statement that usually appears first is,

"the religion based on the person and teachings of Jesus Christ, or its beliefs and practices."

From John chapter 2, Pastor Vic uses the example of the 'Marriage at Cana' to show that Jesus came to destroy 'religion' and do away with the works of religious performance.

Jesus has taken away the need for the temple, the high priest and the sacrificial lamb!

We have relationship with God through Jesus!

Do you truly understand grace?

Pastor Vic continues to use his recent India trip experience to challenge the listener.

In Acts 2 v42 we are called to continue, 'stedfastly in the apostles' doctrine'. What does this entail?

Pastor Vic challenges us about what we do with what the Lord has provided us with; everything we have comes from the Lord; we do not 'own' anything.

We are called to share and to give cheerfully; we share out of the abundance of the Lord!

Listen and be challenged but not condemned!

What are your life priorities?

In this first message after returning from his trip to India, Pastor Vic uses the experiences of this trip to challenge you to consider what you have made a priority in your life.

Are you storing up treasures here on earth? Are you self centered or are you selfless? Who or what comes first in your life?

Using 1 Timothy 6 : 6 - 19, Pastor Vic asks us which verses we are in line with.

Prior to the message, Pastor Vic and his wife briefly share some experiences of their time in India.


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