A Journey through Ephesians. #4

In this message Pastor Vic uses the examples of the film, 'Lion', and Roman Law, to declare that it was, and is, God's plan for everyone to be accepted and adopted into His family.

God has made provision for all who believe the finished work of Jesus on the cross to be adopted into His family, with all the rights and inheritance of sons including all spiritual blessings.

Our 'sonship' was planned before the creation of the world and it is God's good pleasure to accept and adopt us into His family.

Listen and find out that, as a born again believer, you are accepted in the beloved!

A Journey through Ephesians. #3

Last week Pastor Vic shared with us about what Eph. 1 v 4 - 5 is not about. This week he starts to share more about what these verses mean for every born again believer.

Pastor Vic shows us that it is up to each person to choose life so that we become holy, righteous and redeemed: accepted in the beloved.

However, we have this choice to make because of the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross; it is not our holy actions that save us but, once we are saved, our actions should become holy!

A Journey through Ephesians. #2

Do you have free will or does God decide everything that happens to you?

This week, Pastor Vic teaches from Ephesians 1 v 4 - 5 to show us that it is not God who plans and wills every event in our life.

These verses, in Ephesians, show us the true, loving heart of God who has planned for all to be righteous and saved. Yes, all mankind is predestined to be saved but not all will choose to be saved!

Mankind has free will and we can choose the wide gate or the narrow gate. We are saved by grace through faith and we have to choose to operate in faith!

A Journey through the Letter to the Ephesians: Introduction

Pastor Vic starts a new series with this introduction to Paul's letter to the church at Ephesus.

In the coming weeks we will see that the first 3 chapters are Paul's doctrine on grace; about our position in Christ; we are saved by grace through faith; not by our works.

The remainder of this letter is about how we should be behaving and living out our lives in the light of our understanding of the Grace of God.

As born again believers, our understanding of God's grace is the foundational understanding of God's Word; the letter to the Ephesians is written to all born again believers!

For the first few minutes of this recording, Pastor Vic gives an update of what is happening with the support that MGF is able to give to Pastor Sundar in India.

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