The Word of God is a weapon!

In this message, Nunsy Cameron uses the examples of Samson, Ehud, Shamgar and David to declare that the Word of God is our weapon against sickness, depression, poverty and our general well being.

However, it is our responsibility to exercise the use of His Word so that we can be steadfast and know that God is with us; we need to believe His Word and not limit ourselves, or God, in the way we think!

We read in Ephesians 6 v 17 that the Word of God is the sword of the Spirit; we need to use it!

Do you know you are healed?

During today's time of worship and sharing, Pastor Vic was led to abandon his prepared message and speak as he was led by the Holy Spirit.

Someone shared about a relative who is ill and this led Pastor Vic to speak about healing.

As born again believers we need to remember that we are healed and that the 'enemy' is trying to steal that healing from us. That healing was provided for on the cross through Jesus' finished work!

In this world we are surrounded by unbelief but we need to realise that it is Our Father's will for us to be healed and to be living an abundant life.

Listen to this message and hear that we need to know that we are healed!

A Journey through Ephesians. #6

Do you believe that God moves in mysterious ways?

In this message, Pastor Vic declares that we can know, through His Word, what God does, and will do, because we know what Jesus did!

Be prepared to have another lie, of the tradition of men, revealed through God's Word.

God does not move in mysterious ways; He moves the way Jesus did!

NB: Due to a recording problem we have had to use the audio from our Facebook broadcast.

Sunday 12 March message.

Techy Dave is due to attend a funeral on the afternoon of Sunday 12 March. Therefore, the morning message may well not be posted until the afternoon of Monday 13 March.

A Journey through Ephesians. #5

This week, in this journey, Pastor Vic shares with us, through Ephesians 1 v 7, that forgiveness is a gift of grace.

Wether you are saved or unsaved, you do not need to ask God for forgiveness; it is a done deal!

Everyone has been born into sin and also forgiveness; not the benefits of forgiveness but forgiveness itself through the finished work of Jesus on the cross.

In its biblical context this is of the Apostles Doctrine, which is what every born again believer should aspire to live by. We give thanks to God for His gift of forgiveness and all its benefits.

Please listen to this message right to the end and then, if you need to, you are welcome to contact MGF.


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