A Journey through Ephesians. #9

At the end of this week’s message, Pastor Vic makes the following statement:

“Thank you Lord for the finished work of Jesus Christ. I pray for the spirit of wisdom and revelation, in the knowledge of Him. I speak out that the eyes of my understanding are enlightened. I thank You for the hope of Your calling; for the inheritance that I know I have, through Your riches in Glory!

I thank You for the power that raised Christ from the dead and I thank You that same power now resides in me. I thank You for Jesus and thank You that His name is above all things. I thank You that all things are under His feet!

And I thank You that I am now part of His church; part of the church that completes Jesus Christ. Amen!”

Listen to this message, based on Ephesians 1 : 15 – 23, to hear how Pastor Vic can declare this statement.

A Journey through Ephesians. #8

Pastor Vic continues with our journey through Ephesians. This week he teaches from Ephesians 1:10-14.

We are reminded that all we have in Christ is a 'done deal'. However, we have a personal responsibilty to recognise this through our knowledge and understanding of the Word of God.

We trusted Jesus after we had heard His Word of Salvation, so we need to know and understand the Word in order to share it with family, friends, work colleagues and strangers who we meet and get into conversation with.

We need to know and understand the Gospel - the Good News of Jesus Christ - so that we can share it and people have the opportunity to hear this Good News!

We can only do this through knowledge of Him!

The Resurrection! Fiction or Fact?

Many people, including some Christians, deny that Jesus was raised from the dead after His crucifixion. This, they say, is because of the apparent discrepancies in the death and resurrection accounts recorded in Scripture.

Pastor Vic takes us through these accounts and you will hear that there are common threads as well as apparent discrepancies.

Pastor Vic also challenges those 'believers' who deny that Jesus was raised from the dead! If that is you, then how will you ever be raised from the dead!

The resurrection is the most important event of human history; without it, our faith is useless!

Sunday 16 April 2017

Today's message will probably not be posted until tomorrow; Techy Dave will be visiting with family on this Easter Sunday. Praise God!

A Journey through Ephesians. #7

Pastor Vic returns to our journey through Ephesians and we have come to Eph 1 v 10.

We hear, through this verse, that as born again believers we can be confident in the day of judgement. Yes, there is an end of the church age to come but we have no need to be fearful of that time.

As well as many things being revealed to us, through the Word, there are things that are not for us to know. We are told this in Acts 1 v 7.

But many Christians waste time, effort and finances in trying to second guess God!

Hear how we need to concentrate on what we have been called to do in the dispensation of this church age we live in now!

The Word of God has a purpose.

In this message, Nunsy exhorts us to guard ourselves against the tradition of men and the philosophies of the world.

As born again believers, living under the New Covenant, we can do this through our knowledge and use of the Word of God; but we need to meditate on this Word day and night so that we can standfast when the lies of the enemy come against us.

It is not easy but we can start with small steps to start the process of renewing our mind and use the Word out of our mouths as a spiritual sword!

Through the Word we can stay focused on who we are in Christ and overcome the world and be victorious!

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