A Journey through Ephesians. #11

Pastor Vic brings us back into Ephesians this week and with this message he takes us to the end of Ephesians 2.

We were once far away from Jesus Christ, with no hope; but now, as born again believers, we are in His prescence with all the hope we will ever need.

This is because of what Jesus has done to reconcile us to God; we are now part of the 'church family', through faith, and as a member of that body we are the dwelling place of the living God through the indwelling Holy Spirit!

Believe and receive!

Q & A with Pastors Vic & Paul #2

Part 2 of the question and answer session with Pastor Vic Cameron and Pastor Paul Loh.

Q & A with Pastors Vic & Paul #1

On the evening of Saturday 20 May, MGF hosted a question and answer session with Pastor Vic Cameron and Pastor Paul Loh, our guest from Singapore.

The questions, which had been set by the folk of MGF, had not been discussed before the meeting and were presented by Nunsy Cameron.

Audio taken from video recording.

The Wisdom of God is best!

This weekend, MGF has been blessed by hosting the visit of Pastor Paul Loh and his wife, Alicia, from Singapore.

In this message, Pastor Paul uses the examples of King David and Solomon to exhort every born again believer to seek the wisdom of God.

We are exhorted to be mindful of the power of the Holy Spirit, living on the inside of us, so that we can seek, and use, God's wisdom and not the wisdom of the world.

A Journey through Ephesians. #10

This week, Pastor Vic takes us into Ephesians 2 v 1 - 10.

These verses are about who we are in Christ. Before we were 'born again' we were slaves to sin, the world and the enemy. Although we were physically born, we were spiritually dead!

Now, as born again believers, we are 'slaves' to righteousness, healing, prosperity, joy, peace and an abundant life.

We need to know that we have been changed; our old sin nature is dead and we are alive in Christ!

We need to know who we are, and what we have, in Christ!

Strife is deadly!

In this week's message, Nunsy Cameron challenges us to recognise, and deal with, strife in our lives.

Strife comes in many different forms but the Bible is very clear about what it can do to us.

There should be no place for strife in the life of the born again believer:

Jas 3:16: For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.

Listen and be challenged about the strife in your life.

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