Fear not! Be not dismayed!

This week we take a break from our journey through Ephesians with a message from Nunsy Cameron.

In this message we are exhorted not to be afraid or dismayed and to know who we are in Christ.

If you are a born again believer then you have died and have been resurrected with Christ! Christ lives on the inside of you and we have the Kingdom of God within us!

As a new creation we can live a supernaturally blessed life but we need to renew our mind to the truth of God's Word!

Our mindset needs to change and not be affected by fear and dismay!

NB. 1: Due to an ongoing technical problem, this recording has been taken from our Facebook broadcast.

NB. 2: Next week's message will not be published until Tuesday 5 September.

A Journey through Ephesians. #22

This week, Pastor Vic concentrates on Ephesians 4 : 25 - 32.

The understanding of the word, 'Wherefore', at the start of v25, is key to the understanding of this passage of Scripture.

These verses do not give us another list of do's and don'ts, but a list of what we can do now, post cross, and what we can stop doing through an understanding of grace!


NB1: During the last few minutes of this message you will hear one of our toddlers, Bethany, laughing. It made for a joyous time at the end of the message and was difficult to edit!

NB2: Unfortunately, because a phone was left switched on, you will hear an occasional electronic noise. Techy Dave is aware of this and next week will remind folk about their phones.

A Journey through Ephesians. #21

Pastor Vic reminds us that we need to change the way we think to live a more holy life. This is not about being 'under the law'; this is about what we are capable of doing now that we are living under grace!

We do not have to live as if we have a sin nature; as born again believers we can live out our new righteous nature by studying God's Word and renewing our minds and changing the way we think!


A Journey through Ephesians. #20

This week, Pastor Vic concentrates on verse 13 of Ephesians 4.

Hear how this verse should be the goal, and outcome, of the mission of verses 11 & 12.

This mission could only have been set by the Lord God Himself. Its goal is to have everyone, in the world, in the 'faith' and believing in the fundamental doctrines of Jesus Christ!

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