A Journey through Ephesians. #29

This message brings to an end our journey through Ephesians.

Pastor Vic continues to remind us that the spiritual battle we face is in our mind; he continues looking at the spiritual armour and instructs us on how we should use this 'armour'.

Please do not be put off by the length of this message. You can take a break after the summary of last week's message and then you can meditate on that before listening to the remainder; it is effectively a continuation of last week's message.

Be blessed and be a blessing! Amen!


A Journey through Ephesians. #28

This week, Pastor Vic starts to look at the verses in Ephesians 6 that list the elements of the spiritual armour of God.

You will hear that the spiritual battle is in our mind and that we need to combat the lies of the devil and the world.

The spiritual armour of God is not mystical; it is about knowing and understanding the truths of His Word. If you have revelation knowledge and understanding, of these truths, then you are wearing the spiritual armour of God!

Use it!

A Journey through Ephesians. #27

Do you put on the armour of God as in Ephesians 6? Do you need this armour?

What is your understanding of, 'spiritual warfare.'?

With this message, Pastor Vic nears the end of our journey through Ephesians and, amongst other things, declares that, 'the church', can, at times, focus too much on its enemy, the devil.

It is a challenging message which reminds us that there are some important but not essential truths in the Word of God!

A Journey through Ephesians. #26

Pastor Vic uses the examples of Jesus' relationships with Nicodemus and the Samaritan woman at the well to ask us how we relate to others.

Jesus had time for anyone and everybody. Do you?

If we understand grace, we will have time for our 'Nicodemus'; we will have time for the 'Samaritan woman at the well'.

Jesus has time for everyone and that includes you!

A Journey through Ephesians. #26

Due to family committments, Techy Dave will not be able to publish today's message until late pm this coming Tuesday.

A Journey through Ephesians. #25

Our journey through Ephesians takes us into chapter 6, as Pastor Vic continues to exhort us to renew our minds to the things that we can do when we get hold of, and understand, the Grace of God!

When we renew our minds to the Grace of God, and understand that grace, we will live in improved relationships.

Paul is not giving us a list of do's and don'ts; he is giving us a list of recommendations!

NB: The audio of this message is taken from our Facebook broadcast.

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